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Week of February 14th, 2014

When Armijo’s son and daughter-in-law died abruptly in 1902, his two granddaughters moved into the home with he and his wife.  When Nestor passed away in 1911, an event which made statewide news, the home was inherited by his granddaughters, Josephine and Gertrude Armijo.  Josephine (Gallagher) lived in the home until her death in 1977 at which time the property’s ownership was transferred to the owners of the Loretto Shopping Center. Several years later, in 1981, the Pioneer Savings and Trust Bank renovated and repurposed the home in order to use it as an office.  Following their vacating the building in 1991 the Armijo house was used by Citizens Bank and was leased out, only to be vacated in 2009 after exhibiting extensive structural deterioration.



This week we began removing internal fixtures and baseboards from the home. This exposed the foundation of the interior walls, which allowed us to further evaluate the structural stability. The baseboards were all saved, and will be placed in storage until the time that we are ready to re-begin the work on restoring the interior.


And exterior adobe screen wall had been added by the bank to hide from view the HVAC system. This wall was torn down in order to prepare for removing the existing HVAC systems and the concrete sidewalks.


Scaffolding was added to the exterior veranda that would allow us to further evaluate its integrity. What was discovered was that in its existing form, the elevated porch is unstable, rotting in various places, and will require extensive reconstruction. We discovered that the veranda itself was an amalgamation of original construction, and pieces that had been refit and reconstructed as the original beams gave way to decay. As this was determined, the crew begin the process of removing parts of the front veranda. As with the internal baseboards, all pieces of the external veranda, regardless of their condition, were saved for the possibility of reusing the original lumber in the completed project.