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Week of January 31st, 2014

This week saw the commencement of the evaluation of the buildings components and fixtures. This required exhaustive documentation of the current conditions, in addition to ongoing evaluation of the structural integrity of the home. Each elevation of the building was photographically documented in exhaustive detail in order to allow us to reference the pre-construction conditions later in the project.


After the documentation was completed, the crew began to remove internal fixtures as well as several original building components such as doors.  These fixtures will be evaluated at a later date to determine at what point they were added to the building. It’s our hope that we can reuse as much of the original material as possible while completing the restoration. In many cases this will require that they be reworked in order to fit the needs of the impending tenant, as well as preserving the historical integrity of the home.


The initial grading and removal of the landscape surrounding the home was also started.  This first required the removal of several tons of concrete sidewalks and the concrete drive through of the teller window. The uneven grade of the grounds surrounding the building was causing water drainage issues, which ultimately resulted in further damage to the adobe foundation.