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Week of January 24th, 2014

The final external supports for the shoring were added this week. At the end of the week, the scaffolding was removed from the side of the building, leaving only the external shoring in place.


From beginning to completion, the process of shoring and securing the western wall took over a month to finish – allowing of course for time away from the project for the holidays. While it may seem to have been quite a laborious task, the condition of the wall necessitated reinforcing it securely as possible. Not only will this ensure that the safety of both myself and my crew, but it was imperative to the work of the project. As we begin the restoration project with replacing adobe bricks at the base of the building, it is possible that the building will do additional settling and shifting, and we simply could not afford possibility of risking the wall collapsing.

The next step in the process will to remove the concrete sidewalks and regrade the site so the rainwater can drain away from the walls.