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Week of January 10th, 2014

The home was originally constructed in 1868 by Bradford Daily as a small, single-story four room adobe.  Mr. Armijo purchase the home from Daily’s widow in 1877, having previously acquired a large parcel of land adjacent to the property where the home was constructed. After purchasing the home, Armijo added additional rooms onto the property, as well as performed a moderate amount of landscaping work to increase the beauty of the site. Subsequent addtions included the conversion of the property into a two-story home—largely believed to have been the first two-story property in Doña Ana County—as well as the addition of a Victorian style veranda.



This week the crew continued to work on mounting the outside shoring to the internal framing which will support the western facing wall while the home is under construction. Five foot allthreads were placed through the wall in order to connect the two shoring structures.  The internal framing was completed, with extra framing instituted at ground level in order to provide additional support for the 2nd floor.

Outside, a footer trench parallel to the walls foundation was dug in order to provide a a base for the exterior shoring. As stabilization continues, we foresee a need to replace several of the adobe bricks in the footer its self in order to help with wall stabilization.  The final construction of the shoring will provide ample stability as we commence work on other parts of the building.